Aviation Supplies Sales

The company has the qualification of "AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise" issued by the Customs and enjoys many preferential policies of 31 countries and regions mutually recognized globally. In addition, with the qualifications of domestic "Aviation Supplies distributor", Hainan Airlines Technology is committed to solving various kinds of aviation supplies problems for customers while continuously expanding the distribution rights of important OEMs at home and abroad in the mainland of China, helping customers reduce operating costs, reduce inventory reserves, and improve efficiency and reliability.

At present, the company is responsible for the maintenance consumables reserve for a large fleet with more than 460 aircraft, with Boeing and Airbus as the main force. Depending on the warehouses in major cities all over the country and the maintenance capability without external demands, it can provide customers with individualized aviation materials reserve supply program and 7*24-hour uninterrupted AOG emergency support and other intimate services.


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