Engineering & Modification

The company has more than 20 years’ experience of fleet engineering management, and can provide fleet engineering management and engineering consulting services for more than 10 types of aircraft, such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer. It can provide engine engineering management, fleet management and 7*24h engine monitoring services for RR, GE, PW and other major engines. It can provide high quality cabin management services and differentiated cabin maintenance programs, as well as cabin interior design and renovation services. It can provide an efficient, safe and preventive digital management platform for aviation operation and safety risk, and research and development services of various aircraft related IT technologies.

At present, it has the qualifications of CAAC, DMDOR and Hong Kong DOA aircraft design and modification units. Its design capability covers all mainstream aircraft types and it can provide one-stop service from modification design, aviation material support to modification construction.


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