Component Repair

The company takes Haikou as its main operating base and covers five major maintenance centers in Beijing, Xi'an, Tianjin, Xinjiang and Kunming. It provides more than 2000 accessory maintenance services, covering APU, wheel&brake, communications system, instrument display system, navigation system, flight controls system, entertainment system, air conditioning system, ice and rain protection system, pneumatic system, power plant system, hydraulic power system, water system, emergency device, electrical supply system, lights system, gallery inserts and other components. It has CAAC, JMM maintenance license, Honeywell APU maintenance authorization, AS9100 quality standards and other qualifications. It can provide "efficient, one-stop" aviation maintenance services for Boeing series, Airbus series, feeder liner and other models.

Competitive Maintenance Project

 APU, EDP hydraulic tube, CSD/IDG, various kinds of valves such as pre-cooler, wheel&brake, sliding windows, various kinds of electronic components such as control panel, gallery inserts, survival device etc.

Independent research and development

 EIS test bench, MCP test bench, water system accessories test bench, ATC/DME test bench, PDL data loader, EDP pressure pipe maintenance.


Product Distribution Map







  • HAK

    Ø APU

    Ø Wheel & brake

    Ø Electronic and Electrical System

    Ø Pneumatic system

    Ø Hydraulic System

    Ø Galley

    Ø Life saving

    Ø Battery

  • PEK

    Ø Wheel & brake

    Ø Cabin Entertainment System

    Ø Galley

    Ø Life saving

    Ø Battery

  • XIY

    Ø  Wheel

    Ø  Battery

  • URC

    Ø Wheel

    Ø Brake

    Ø Battery

  • KMG

    Ø Wheel

    Ø Brake

  • TSN

    Ø Wheel

    Ø Battery

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