HNA Aviation Technic Co., Ltd. was Issued with a Maintenance Certificate for "9 certificates into One Integrity"

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In December 26, 2019, HNA Technic Maintenance Certificate of "9 certificates into one integrity" Supervision & Administration Task Symposium was launched at Hainan Airlines Haikou Base Station. During this meeting, CAAC China Central South Regional Administration Bureau, CAAC China North Regional Administration Bureau, CAAC China East Regional Administration Bureau, CAAC China Southwest Regional Administration Bureau, CAAC China Northwest Regional Administration Bureau, and CAAC China Xinjiang Regional Administration Bureau sequentially issued the maintenance acceptance certificates to HNA Technic, which represents that HNA Technic has launched new era of aviation maintenance development.

Mr. Xue Shijun, Vice Director of CAAC Flight Standard Department, attended this activity and delivered an important speech, and he stated that "HNA Technic is a cross-region aviation maintenance entity that has been mostly appropriate to be provided with one integrity with several certificates in management system. I expect that HNA Technic can grasp the opportunity, play the advantage of flexible HNA system and strong execution, and further optimize the management, in order to firstly achieve the high-quality development, and establish an exemplary model in China civil aviation maintenance industry ". Also, Mr. Xue addressed: "The development of China civil aviation industry needs the joint efforts of entire industry. Provided that smooth flight safety situation can be maintained, we shall continuously improve the core competition power, and actively participate into the competition and severe test of international market. Each maintenance entity shall bear it in mind that the safety is the life line of civil aviation industry, they remain zero tolerance to safety potential, reinforce the "three foundations" cultivation of maintenance personnel, and cultivate the good maintenance style of maintenance personnel, strictly follow maintenance standard, and efficiently control the maintenance error."

It is known that "9 certificates into one integrity" of HNA Technic is one of the achievements in different phases that CAAC implements the policy spirit on reducing enterprise cost of entity economy and deepens the reform on "release, management, and service" and implements the task of "multiple certificates into one integrity". It is worth mentioning that HNA Technic is one maintenance entity that has the largest number of "multiple certificates into one integrity" involved with 121 air operators. Before the issuance of this certificate, HNA Technic completed the joint document inspection of each major CAAC regional administration region including CAAC China Central South Regional Administration Bureau. After HNA Technic had passed this inspection, maintenance certificate after "9 certificates into one integrity" was officially re-issued, which means that after the issuance of new certificate of "9 certificates into one integrity" to HNA Technic, HNA Technic can implement the aviation maintenance operation in accordance with those requirements resulted from "9 certificates into one integrity".

After HNA Technic was issued with the maintenance certificate of "9 certificates into one integrity", those line maintenance certificates at more than 20 locations including Haikou, Sanya, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian, Beijing, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Kunming, and Wulumuqi, etc. are uniformly signed and approved by CAAC China Central South Regional Administration Bureau. Those maintenance certificates for more than 10 locations provided with periodical check maintenance capability including Haikou, Shenzhen, Xian, Beijing, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Kunming, and Wulumuqi, etc. can be respectively signed by local CAAC Regional Administration Bureau. This measure will promote HNA Technic to achieve the shares of maintenance resources, optimize the arrangement, avoid any waste of maintenance resources including human resources, equipment and facility, etc., improve the operational efficiency and management level, reduce the operation management cost of the enterprise, and further explore the development potentials of HNA Technic.

As a comprehensive aviation maintenance service enterprise governed by HNA Group, HNA Technic will implement the instruction spirit "Focus on Main Aviation Industry for Healthy Development" of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and State Council in full aspects. Also, provided that each CAAC requirement has been carefully implemented, HNA Technic shall grasp the important opportunity to build the "one-stop service" aircraft maintenance base station during the construction of Hainan Free Trade Area (Harbor). Provided that civil aviation maintenance safety are guaranteed in full play, based on the management mode of "9 certificates into one integrity", HNA Technic shall improve the management efficiency, optimize the operation process, continuously upgrade service quality, and attempt to upgrade the supportive task of civil aviation maintenance actions, in order to contribute the dedication to allow China to develop into one of strong civil aviation powers around the world.            


   Figure: Each CAAC regional administration bureau issued a maintenance certificate of "9 certificates into one integrity" to HNA Technic.

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