HNA Technic Team Appraisal Competition in 2019 and "Three Bases" Construction Summary and Commendation Activities was Successfully Held

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 (Reporter Xu Keran) Recently, HNA Technic 2019 team appraisal competition and "three bases" construction summary and commendation activity was successfully held in Xi'an. 27 excellent team leaders of 9 teams from 9 major maintenance regional centers of HNA Technic gathered in Xi'an for a competition. Zhou Guimin, vice president of HNA Technic, Zhang Tianyi, assistant president and other leaders attended the event.

This activity is an important activity of HNA Technic's construction of "three bases" in 2019, based on the existing achievements of HNA Technic's construction of "three bases", focusing on "team building, style building, qualification and capacity building", assisted by the construction of characteristic projects of all units. The purpose is to stimulate the team leader's learning motivation and communication enthusiasm in the form of competition, drive the enthusiasm of the whole staff to compare, learn, catch up and surpass, and at the same time, explore excellent management talents for the unit. Through theoretical knowledge competition, case analysis, leaderless group discussion and presentation, the activity showed and reported the management level, business ability and achievements of "three bases" construction of each team. After fierce competition, six people including Wang Chao from HNA Technic (Tianjin) won the title of excellent gold team leader; 12 people including Yang Fan from the south central maintenance base were selected as members of HNA Technic 2019 team leader elite group; AIR BUS ACE of HNA Technic Shaanxi Branch won the five-star excellent demonstration team; team 龘龘 of HNA Technic south central maintenance base won the best Popularity Award; HNA Technic Shaanxi Branch won the title of "three base" construction pioneer. The rich links of the event and the wonderful performance of the contestants received favorable comments of the guests and the audience.

Zhou Guimin, vice president of HNA Technic, affirmed the phased construction achievements of the team, further interpreted the management idea of " lower intelligence governs affairs, middle intelligence governs people, and upper intelligence governs legislation ", and expected the players to shape the team standard model through the competition, learn from each other in the process of competition, improve management efficiency and level, improve team management, and cultivate a group of excellent team leaders.

 Subsequently, HNA Technic will, as always, focus on its employees, continue to implement the "three bases" construction requirements through various forms of competition activities, promote the exchange, sharing and improvement of maintenance skills of maintenance personnel, enhance the role of communication, help and guidance, constantly improve the overall quality level of maintenance team, improve work efficiency and guarantee work quality. Serve customers with more professional skills and contribute to the development of China's civil aviation maintenance industry.


 Photo 1: Opening speech by Meng Hai, deputy general manager of HNA Technic Shaanxi Branch


Photo 2: Comments by Zhou Guimin, vice president of HNA Technic


Photo 3: Zhang Tianyi, assistant president of HNA Technic, presents awards to the winning team


Photo 4: Group photo

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