HNA Technic "Dream Building Plan" Entering Tianjin Notarial Hope Primary School

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(Reporter: Hou Zhifang) On December 6, 2019, the aviation science popularization of "dream building plan" of HNA Aviation Technic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HNA Technic") entered the campus of Tianjin Notarial Hope primary school, bringing a novel and substantial aviation science knowledge lecture to more than 20 primary school students.


Science popularization Ambassador of HNA Technic explains aircraft structure

It is known that this is the second time for HNA Technic (Tianjin) came to the school for aviation science popularization after 2017. The activity was led by Liu Jie, deputy general manager of HNA Technic (Tianjin), and six aviation science ambassadors from different posts were invited, including excellent party members from the General Party branch of HNA Technic (Tianjin) and business backbones from the maintenance. The aviation science popularization ambassadors respectively taught the onboard safety instructions, aircraft structure, airport equipment and facilities, and played an interactive game with the kids in the form of on-site standardized exercises and simulated guidance on the professional working area of aircraft maintenance, such as "greeting the aircraft". The content was rich and new, which aroused the children's great interest.


 Introduction to airport equipment and special vehicles


 Interactive instruction of greeting the aircraft

"Do you know where the fuel tank is?"

"Nose", "tail", "belly".

At the activity site, the children fully divergent their thinking and interacted with the aviation science popularization ambassador. The children's answers varied but the aviation science popularization ambassadors patiently listened to the children's answers and earnestly answered them.


Class interaction

In this activity, we also invited EAP instructor of HNA Technic to lead the children to play hula hoop games, so that the children could have an intuitive understanding of the concept of "cooperation". While learning knowledge, the children also understood the importance of teamwork, and the atmosphere on site was very active.


 On site collective activities


 Children are reading the aviation science brochure carefully

"We like this kind of aviation knowledge popularization activities very much. Children have fewer opportunities to contact this kind of knowledge in daily life. The content is very fresh for them, and also in line with their interest in this age. The atmosphere at the activity site is very good, there are games and interactions. The children not only gain aviation knowledge, but also simulate the airplane transfer with the aviation science popularization ambassadors. They are very happy. ". After the activity, the teacher in charge of the class who participated in the activity evaluated the activity.

The "dream building plan" is a public welfare project of aviation maintenance enterprises with HNA Technic characteristics, which focuses on the public welfare of young children and combines the advantages of professional resources. It aims to spread aviation knowledge and pay attention to children's safety. Through a variety of activities, children's understanding of the aviation industry will be strengthened and their thirst for knowledge in the aviation will be enhanced. At the same time, we also cultivate children's awareness of safety and civilization. HNA Technic has carried out social public welfare activity of "dream building plan" for children in Haikou, Beijing, Xi'an, Tianjin, Chongqing, Kunming, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Urumqi and other places for six consecutive years, benefiting more than 1900 people.


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