Salary and welfare

  • Salary bonus: post salary + performance salary + benefit bonus + housing subsidy + traffic subsidy + communication subsidy + heating / cooling subsidy + working-age salary + overtime salary + year-end bonus + night shift fee

    Subsidies: Festival, Birthday, Airfare, Safety Fund, Required Inspection, Test Subsidies

    Welfare: State statutory benefits (social insurance, housing provident fund, paid vacation, one-child fee)

    Other benefits: Commercial Supplementary Medical Insurance, Employer Liability Insurance, Safety Award, Employee Ticket Free, Clothing Labor Insurance

Employee care

Employee shuttle bus

One of the company's welfare policies is that the company rents vehicles to protect employees'commuting.

Physical examination

Every year, the company organizes a physical examination for all the staff. In principle, the physical ex

Staff Association

To meet the needs of the company's development, we should promote the establishment and improvement of yo

Employee house

Set up book corners, billiards, table tennis and fitness equipment, chess and card games and other entert

Consolation visit

Marriage gifts, death gifts for immediate relatives, birth gifts and sick visiting gifts for employees.

Birthday congratulations

Group greeting cards, birthday expenses, collective birthday celebrations and other activities.

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