In 2010, awarded the title of "Worker Pioneer" by the Civil Aviation Trade Union of China.

In 2011, awarded National Civil Aviation Civilization Unit.

In 2012, awarded the National Civil Aviation May 1 Labor Award.

In 2012, won the group first prize of the civil aircraft maintenance industry standard knowledge competition of Hainan Civil Aviation Supervision Bureau.

In 2013, awarded the honorary title of "Youth Civilization" by the League Committee of Hainan Province.

In 2013, certified as a high-tech enterprise in Hainan Province.

In 2014, obtained Class A Enterprise Management Category of Haikou Customs.

In 2014, the Real-time Monitoring and Health Management System of Civil Aircraft was approved as a high-tech project in Hainan Province.


In 2015, two R&D projects were approved as high-tech projects in Hainan Province.

In 2016, HNA Technic "Research and Development of Universal and High Efficiency Cleaning Equipment for Civil Aviation Engines" and "Research and Development of Portable Data Loading Equipment for Passenger Aircraft Maintenance Based on ARINC-615 Communication Protocol" were awarded high-tech projects in Hainan Province.

In 2016, won Hainan Province May Day Labor Award.

In 2016, awarded May 4th Red Banner League Committee of Hainan Province.

In 2016 High-tech Enterprises in Hainan Province.

Best Employer of the Year 2017 in the Aviation Industry.

Haikou Top 10 Employers of the Year 2017.

Hainan Civilization Unit of Year 2018.

In 2018 Hainan Workers Pioneer.

In 2018, won the "Technological Breakthrough Award" of the Red Crown Award of China Aviation Maintenance (MRO CHINA).

Hainan Top 100 Enterprises in 2018.

Top 100 Private Enterprises in Hainan Province in 2018.

Hainan Headquarters Enterprise.

In 2018,safety "Amoeba Management System Establishment and Application Project" won the second prize of Excellent Civil Aviation Safety Management Innovation Case.


No. 6 of top 100 private enterprises in Hainan Province in 2019

Won "Maintenance service award" of the second China Aviation Maintenance (MRO China) red crown award in 2019








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